Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Origami Quilt Help

So, recently I've had a request from someone asking for some help with an origami quilt model. It's the Flower Crosses model that I've folded before. I decided that rather than trying to explain in only words how to make it through a few tricky steps, that I'd just make a short video. So, Lindsay, here it is. Hope this helps. The first time that I folded this model, I had trouble with these exact steps; it took me several attempts before getting it right. So don't give up. Good Luck :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your brief video. I've been stuck on this step for hours! -Janet

James said...

Will you please post a link to your Blog at The Origami Community? Our members will love it.
It's easy to do, just cut and paste the link and it automatically links back to your website. You can also add Photos, Videos and Classifieds if you like. It’s free and easy.
Email me if you need any help or would like me to do it for you.
Please feel free to share as often and as much as you like.
The Origami Community: http://www.vorts.com/origami/
I hope you consider sharing with us.
Thank you,
James Kaufman, Editor

Lukács Németh said...

Hi! I decided to get in touch with you because i'm a graduate student in pharmacy, and our research group is specialized in foldamer research (these are artifical mimics of the biological polymers, with self organizing properties). Im currently doing our research groups homepage, and thought a banner image made from some sort of folded paper would look very neat. I would like to ask you if, you would be interested in helping me out, with folding a hexagonal paper structure or a chain of 3 of them would be even better, and posting it here, or to me directly. It would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Lindsay said...

Hi Stephen-

I just came back to this project and realized I never thanked you for posting this! It was an incredible help, and I'm now folding flower crosses like crazy. This was a lifesaver - thanks!


Faan Tone said...

Stephen, where did you get a copy of the Origami Quilts book? Could you contact me about it?

Christopher said...

Looks great Steven.
The video is a great help to fold the flower crosses.

Keep posting!

Alka said...

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